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Are you leaving a hunger for more?

Have you ever found yourself so busy you forgot to eat? Then finally, when time permits, you grab whatever is available and in a ravenous state consume enough food to feed an army? I might have done this a time or two while working a job requiring a fifty hour week. I'm exaggerating on the amount of food but the focus is the same. Hungry for what would meet my need I consumed until I felt satisfied.

Exodus 33:11 Inside the Tent of Meeting, the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend. Afterward, Moses would return to the camp, but the young man who assisted him, Joshua son of Nun, would remain behind in the Tent of Meeting.

This morning in prayer as I focused on the Father I heard a phrase Holy Spirit has spoken many times before over the past two years.

Are you leaving a hunger for more?

The first time this phrase came into my mind was during a teaching series on the blog. I was releasing seeds found in the life of Moses and Joshua. While in communion with the creator I read Exodus 33:11 and it lept out at me and connected to my heart. Standing firm in my thoughts the question came rolling in.

Are you leaving a hunger for more?

Camping out, I wept before the Lord and repented for passing on knowledge more than a craving for his goodness manifested in daily life.

God worked within me and placed a stone of remembrance in my heart. Nothing I could ever pass on would compare in this life to the transformation and radical restoration of hungering for more of him.

Moses was a mighty intercessor and a friend of God. The Father met him face to face. What a marvelous image. Prepared in the enemies camp, he murdered and ran. In the wilderness, God finds Moses faithfully tending the flock. One moment in time shifts the life of this man as he turns toward God to listen and then heed his command.

From this point on Moses and God were aligned. Walking together, communing, and fighting for a people who continuously struggled with looking back.

But there was one aligned with Moses, destined to accomplish greater and lead God's people into the promised land. His name was Joshua. An assistant to Moses he spent side by side time with him, watching while Moses engaged in covenant conversations with the Lord. Woven together, and aligned to advance God's kingdom on earth.

Moment after moment Moses laid the groundwork for Joshua to walk upon, one stone at a time.

And in Exodus 33:11 Moses met with the Lord, and we find the first sprout from the seeds he had planted leaving Joshua hungering for more. Moses departed from the "tent of meeting," but Joshua remained.

Reading this passage, the Holy Spirit began to describe the one piece surpassing all others. As followers of Christ we can teach, train, and live healthy lives but if we fail to pass on hunger for God, a generation will be lost in compromise.

Knowledge without personal covenant and prayer in the life of a follower leaves emptiness and cravings for worldly things. We become religious and shun relationship because it requires a choice. Anyone can do the things that are religious, but it is an intentional decision to live in a state of hungering for more.

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2

Joshua hungered for more. Side by side he watched Moses speak to God and then intercede for his chosen people. From a front-row seat, Joshua observed the heart of a man God called a friend.

How do I know Joshua lived from a state of hungering for more?

From the choices he made. When Moses left this earth, Joshua did not step back, he picked up his assignment and focused forward on the next generation.

Joshua was in personal covenant with God. Moses had done the one thing that would prepare his assistant to complete his purpose. He had bypassed himself and pointed Joshua to the one who would lead him to the promised land.

Moses passed on the root of hungering for more of God!

I hear the Holy Spirit confronting the body of Christ in this hour. Asking questions and calling us back to prayer.

What satisfies your hunger? Are you leaving a hunger for more? Stop striving, stop building earthly tents for people to gather without me. Stop teaching, training and equipping and leaving my presence outside. Open the first gate of accountability to my voice and meet with me in prayer. From this position, I will establish my work, and manifest my glory cultivating the ground and preparing it so the seed will take root. You cannot pass on hunger for something you do not have. Seek me while I may be found there is more and greater as you lay aside every weight and pick up the light. You cannot pass on what you do not have. Hunger for me. Align your longings with the desires of my heart. What is satisfying your hunger?

O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. Psalm 63:1

Living with an awareness of God Almighty opens the door to hunger. When we realize tangible food cannot sustain a hunger for supernatural bread, one by one God's children will turn to him, repent, and live life from his presence through protected prayer.

Nothing we pass on can sustain unless soaked in yearning for more of God.

Moses knew what would prepare Joshua for his next assignment. The first stone we must lay upon Christ is face to face meetings with a never changing all-powerful God. Then as we, just like Moses hunger and thirst for his presence, we can sustain the truth written down and pass it on to generations.

What satisfies your hunger?

@Woven Together 2018

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