• Karen M. Peeler

The Mini Skirt

I was a little bit rebellious as a teenager. Not out of control but I liked to push the boundaries enough to get my point across. I’m pretty sure the Lord was trying to fine tune my gifting but my carnal mind kept getting in the way.

I remember one beautiful summer day I borrowed a mini skirt from a close friend. What would it hurt to flaunt my girlish figure for a few hours? I tucked the skirt in my backpack and left the house in my denim jeans. The first stop we made I jumped out of the car and went into change. You see we had formed a singing group and we had a gig that night at a local church.

What better attire than a short, yellow teensy skirt. I remember looking in the mirror admiring the view. The clothing wasn't right or wrong but the intent of my heart was definately in question.

Pretty much lost in my own opinion I stepped out of the bathroom and walked toward the car. As I came around the front of the car I tripped over my shadow and hit the pavement. To this day it doesn’t make sense. I slid under the car, scraped my by now uncovered rump and split my almost yellow skirt.

Exposed in the parking lot I tried to gather my thoughts. Hearing car doors open I started to pick my bruised body up, investigating the damage. As I turned to my comrades’ we all burst into laughter. The giggles hit us and we hugged and my friend handed me my backpack with a smile. She nodded and I went back into the bathroom and changed into my jeans.

Sitting in the car waiting, one by one they began to tell their stories of falling unexpectedly. Everyone had experienced some type of fall. They admitted fault in certain situations but in others, they were taken off guard. And it made an impression on my heart. Today, as I sat before the Lord and read his word this indention carved out so many years ago, was unearthed and walked back into my life.

Through this simple memory, the Father began to release his wisdom in and around my current season of pain.

Reminding me, “There is a joy after you stumble because pain transforms into privilege when you embrace the hands of the master potter upon your life.”

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked. Proverbs 24:16

Being a fully devoted follower of Christ does not remove me from the destruction of a fallen world. And there will be times I fall in front of others. Sometimes because of disobedience and other times for reasons unknown. Since I know the falls are inevitable then my job is to partner with God and align with his will preparing my heart for what may come. When trials arrive the privilege of pain is revealed as the Father reaches down molding the clay, working out the rough spots all the while delivering us from them all.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all. Psalm 34:19

Joy is revealed as we stand on the promises of God and remember we are only strong and courageous through God’s presence working in and through us. When pain crashes into our life we have a choice. Sit and mourn in an endless cycle, or turn to the Father trusting him with our pain and rejoice.

When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, Because the LORD is the One who holds his hand. Psalm 37:24

Remember the Lord is holding your hand. The enemy may tug and pull and scream and distract but the only way he wins is if we let go. Satan can press but he does not have the power to crush us. He may perplex and attack our mind but unless we cooperate he cannot drive us to despair. He hunts us down, but he has no power to destroy what God has created. The only power he has is when we choose to turn away from God and align with him.

Our adversary is strengthened when we hide after the fall. But when we come back from sliding under the car, limping from bruised behind and torn skirt persevering as we rise rising with belly laughs, it is he who is perplexed.

We may fall seven times but the hands of the Father carefully picks us up. There is a privilege in the pain revealing the hand of God positioned to save us.

Don’t focus on the fall. Get up. Repent. Embrace forgiveness. Go change into something new and expect God to transform your pain into purpose as he fills your heart with joy.

@Karen Peeler 2017

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