• LaQuetta Brand

Answered Prayer

"I have been young, and now am old,

yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread."

(ESV) Psalm 17:25

A young pastor in central Alabama was doing all he knew to do to feed and clothe his young family of five. Times were tough for everyone in the small mill village in central Alabama. Most residents had already taken their belt up a notch due to cut backs on their jobs and hard times. Much prayer and faith in God kept spirits high and trust in God that everything would turn out well.

One Sunday, the church clerk handed the young pastor his pay check. As he glanced down, his eyes bulged as he took in the amount...$19.00...his pay for the week. His heart sank. He knew that $10 would have to be spent on the gas bill owed for the car. He also knew that his wife and three daughters would need groceries for the upcoming week.

The grocery list, his young wife had written earlier that morning lay on the kitchen counter. There were no frivolous items on the list, only the bear necessities. Once the husband shared his non-lucrative pay check amount with his young wife, she began to mark off things from her list. Her list included milk, a box of matches, because the old gas stove would not light without them, a box of salt, bananas, chocolate chip cookies as a treat for their three small girls, bread, and a few other items.

With a heavy heart, this couple wished they knew of more ways to cook peas, potatoes, and onions. But they both quickly reminded themselves that at least they would not starve.

They went to pay their $10 balance at the local service station. After paying, they were left with nine dollars to live on until the next Sunday. The young couple prayed to the Father to make a way for them to provide for their children, especially the youngest one because she was only one-year-old and was just getting over pneumonia.

When they arrived home, their door was ajar. Once inside, they found several grocery bags filled and overflowing. It was like Christmas. The bags were opened and searched for their hidden treasures! After all items were removed from the bags and placed on the kitchen table, the young pastor's wife began to cry. She was crying tears of joy! The items in the grocery bags were the same items she had written on her grocery list the day before...including the milk, matches, salt, bananas, and chocolate chip cookies!

Amazement! Appreciation! Thankfulness! Our Heavenly Father had spoken to an older lady in the congregation while she was in the grocery store and urged her to buy groceries for her pastor's family.

She said, "I just bought what I 'felt like' I should buy."

The young pastor was my husband of forty-seven-years, Eddy H. Brand.

The baby just recovering from pneumonia was Karen Brand-Peeler.

"We have not always received what we "wanted" during our 40+ years of pastoring churches, but I can say with assurance that we have always had what we needed."

"I have been young, and now am old,

yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread."

(ESV) Psalm 17:25

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