Frequently Asked Question


1. What is equipping?


Equipping at Woven Together is a team effort. We build strong working relationships with believers empowering and equipping them to grow closer to Christ through original resources, personal prayer, and biblical instruction. Our mission is to guide believers into a personal covenant with God, while empowering them to weave the word of God into everyday life! 

2.  Is Woven Together a church?


Woven Together is not a church. We are an equipping center offering unique resources individually assigned based on your spiritual need.   We offer spiritual guidance founded in biblical wisdom supporting you through every transition and  stage of life! Our services are relational and designed to build the body of Christ. 

3.  How do I make an appointment?


Please email or call the office Monday-Thursday from 8-4:30


4.  Is there a cost for your equipping services?


Yes, we do charge a fee for services based on a sliding scale. First session is FREE! Contact us for specific prices. Please contact the office for more information.